Rowan Creates For You

Rowan Procter is a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader based in Chicago, IL. She’s the author of Stephen’s Dragon, a middle-grade fantasy novel that you can buy here. She also draws comics like Niflheim, and you can commission her to draw for you if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Stephen’s Dragon

Between moving away from all his friends, his mom’s demanding new jobs (yes, plural), and his sister’s sudden sullen attitude, he’s lonely and isolated… until his health class project hatches into a baby dragon.

Stephen names the hatchling Ferrari and resolves to keep it safe. For once, he’s not alone: his classmate (and possibly new friend?) Candace is drawn to Ferrari by something she can’t explain. But the two have their work cut out for them: forces from another world are looking for Ferrari, and they won’t stop until they find him. Can Stephen and Candace keep their dragon safe?

Some Things I Saw Today

Cars piled in by snow Incense and candles A necklace shaped like a dagger, which I bought A dog who did not want to stop rolling around in the snow. Every time her human called her, she’d take a few steps and then fall down and wiggle like she was trying to bury herself withContinue reading “Some Things I Saw Today”

Stephen’s Dragon: OUT NOW!

As you may or may not have noticed, Stephen’s Dragon is finally available! It was supposed to be up on the 21st, but things happened. The printer didn’t like the format. We had to find a new symbol for section breaks. The printer STILL didn’t like the format. We cried. The printer finally decided toContinue reading “Stephen’s Dragon: OUT NOW!”

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